5 fascinating facts about casinos and gambling

1. If you’re playing roulette near Central Park in New York it’s harder to win a game than if you’re playing in London. The American version of the game has a double zero as well as a single zero taking the total number of possibilities of outcomes on the wheel to 38 instead of 37. Balls which land in the zero or double zero mean the house automatically wins making it harder for a player to win roulette games in the United States.

2. While you might think that dealers are casinos are going crazy by tapping, shaking, or turning over their hands when leaving the table, they’re actually just following the casino:nyspins.com/en/market rules. Dealers stealing chips is one of the most common crimes which loses casinos money and so they must show their hands to the cameras in the ceiling when going on a break.

3. Roulette is sometimes to referred to as one of the devil’s games – and for a good reason too. The numbers on the wheel add up to 666 which is considered to be the devil’s number. The creator of the game is said to have made a deal with the devil himself in order to obtain the rules of the game.

4. While lotteries are now common across the United States and across the world, you won’t find any in the state of Nevada. The gambling industry in the state has fought to keep the lottery illegal to maintain the casino industry, despite the fact that lotteries have been proven to have a benefit on public finances and benefits. Nevada is not alone, however, Utah, Alaska, and Mississippi have also banned the lottery.

5. Las Vegas might be the place you instantly think of when it comes to the biggest and best gambling destinations in the world. However, Macau in China generates much more money than its American h. In fact, it is reported that Macau actually makes 7 times more than Las Vegas in gambling revenue each year. Macau is also much more focused on high stakes games over penny slots.